She’s been standing here for the last twenty one minutes, yes she was keeping track, because that’s all she can do. Just stand there looking at the clock frozen as time and the noise seemed to continue on. What are you supposed to do when you come home to moans from your sauna? One that I did not want in the first place and would never be using again. She didn’t want to believe what the noises meant didn’t want to face the fact that he really was the douche nugget her family thought he was. Sure her boyfriend was a bit flirtatious but that’s just how he was it really didn’t bother her, why would I want to go to a company party. He did get nervous when anyone hinted at them getting married or having kids but he’d had a rough childhood so he didn’t think he could have the wife and kids yet we were still working through that.

Thirty minutes in and all she could think about was the teenager she’d fallen in love with in college. She’d bumped into him while trying to find her classes, he’d taken some summer classes so he knew his way around and helped her out. He’d taken her out the next day for dinner soon they’d workout together a few times a week and study in the same room eventually you wouldn’t see one without the other. After college they both moved back home, him to Ohio and her to Iowa, so they skyped, sent packages, and tried to visit once every other month. When she finally found a job in Michigan as an executive assistant he jumped at the chance to build a house together even helped design it so they each had their own space, his sauna her library. He was sweet or so she thought.

Hitting the forty minute mark she started to feel like it was ok he’d never lasted this long before not even when they first started dating seven years ago, it just couldn’t be him. Maybe someone broke in, so thieves broke in and the mood struck before they could actually rob you guess you have the world’s worst criminals. Maybe he’s just watching really loud porn, yeah he’s the co-starring as well isn’t he talented. No he wouldn’t do that to me. Maybe he is being held there and he doesn’t want to be. Just then the moans get louder. I guess that pulls the plug on your “he doesn’t want to be there” theory. She can hear him and someone else although she couldn’t make out who it is she knows it will be ending soon. Not knowing what to do now she asks herself does she really want to know? Is it important to see them together? Who is the other woman and is that of any importance? Will she leave if she does? Can they save this relationship and is it worth saving anyway?

Shit how long had she been standing here she couldn’t hear any moans. Looking at the clock she spaced out for ten minutes. Time to choose stay and watch them come out or leave and not truly know. Oh you know all right I’d chose to get my shit and leave though if I have an option but seeing as I am you my two cent should be taken in. Breathing in she turned and walked back outside to her car just to get her head on straight and figure this out. How about we get in this car and drive just leave you can get another job and it really doesn’t matter who’s in there. Turning on her car she looks in the rearview seeing the beautiful trees they’d planted their first spring and just like that her decision was made. She waited fifteen minutes hoping that they’d be decent or at least as decent as cheaters could be before turning off her car and walking inside.


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