“Baby I’m so sorry, I know I shouldn’t have left you. I didn’t mean any of those things I said. I was an idiot. Please just forgive me, we can move past this I’ll make this up for the rest of my life”
Not wanting to look up and see the hurt look I saw the last time we talked, when I told her I had someone new and walked out on her. I need to look at her like a man and beg to have her back. Once she looks into my eyes she’ll see how serious I am. I was in complete shock when I looked up to see her smiling. She walked toward me looking as stunning as the first day I saw her, her hair pulled up in a messy bun, her lips parted slightly as he noticed her undo a button.
“I’ve missed you babe. How about you come inside and apologize properly yeah?”
Damn I’d fucked up left her for months and she just forgives me as soon as you seen me. OMG how did I think I could leave this woman she has always known what I needed even before me. Walking behind her grabbing her hand
“Baby I’m so so-“breath catching when she took off her top all together. It was not the time for words I needed to get her inside NOW before we decided fuck it and gave a free show to her neighbors, wouldn’t be the first time. Once inside nothing stopped the rest of her clothes from hitting the floor, looking at her in nothing but a thong I groaned as I started on my pants. She walked over bent down to help out looking hungrily, when she finally pulled my cock out she looked at it like it was the only gift she’d ever gotten on Christmas morning.

Kissing her shoulders and down her spine I smiled knowing that she’d let me in again, yeah we can cuddle and watch movies tonight we’ll work our shit out in the morning. That was my plan anyway until her phone rang and she shoved me away, she was not seriously going to answer that like my fucking cum wasn’t dripping down her leg.
“Hey boo, what’s up? ……… Nah I’m not busy just finishing up some stuff…… Umm I’m able to go out tonight give me like 2 hours gotta shower…. Ok it’s a date”
Is she really planning a fucking date with someone in front of the naked man she just FUCKED, why is she smiling so much who the hell Is she talking to.
“Lilyan I wasn’t done with you at all” grabbing her elbow. Looking back at me with disinterest she started to walk away
“Oh yeah don’t worry about that I’ll be ready at 9 heading to the shower now…… hahaha no… ha you won’t be getting any of those either… maybe another time but not tonight”
She closed the door not even looking at me, well if that was what she wanted to that’s fine because I’m not fucking leaving. Walking into the kitchen grabbing some food and grabbing my phone returning text and emails. Hearing her behind me smiling as I turned around “I guess it’s time to talk now about how much you’ve missed me.” she was smiling but it didn’t reach her eyes.
“Hey so umm I have plans this afternoon with a friend, so you can leave now but this was fun we can do this again maybe.”
“Fun? This was fun? So you’re just going to put me out?” I don’t understand what she’s saying to me I profess my love and she just waltzes in here in a fucking towel and tells me she’s kicking me out for a fucking date.
“Oh well I appreciate your apology and that workout helped me relax had a shit day truly but now I’d like you to leave. Show yourself out and shoot me a message next time before you drop by, but let’s keep it on after work hours for the time being” With that she turned around and walked back into her room I stood there shocked listening to her get ready dance music from her bedroom. She didn’t even try to push me out, just left me here like some kind of pet that lost its cuteness. Leaving I know exactly where I need to be the fucking bar shooting a message to my brother to meet me I head straight there.

“No she let me in she never kicked me out she loves me she just needs time.” I slur to my brother but I don’t even believe me drunk as I am I still can’t seem to grasp it. I’d told them what happened at the house but they didn’t seem to want to help me with my shit I thought they’d be a bit more empathetic, bastards.
“Bro you brought women to your place to show her you found ‘someone new’ and didn’t talked to her again for over a month if she did forgive you I’d be pissed at her” My brother said smiling and shoving my shoulder while the bartender gave me a disgusted look. Whose side is this prick on he should be backing me up we are fucking family damn bastards. “Wow I knew you fucked up but I didn’t think it was that damn bad, one apology isn’t going to be enough did you even bring flowers?”
“She doesn’t like flowers and let’s say she didn’t forgive me well why’d she fuck me then huh? What’s your reasoning behind that you love gurus?”
“Oh that’s easy.” Looking at the bartender I wait for her to continue, we didn’t invite her to the conversation but if she could give me some insight I have no problem listening. “Ok then beautiful hit me”
“She was horny and you showed up, so I’m guessing you were an easy lay” My brothers laughed as the bartender walked away “I am not easy, I’m PROSEXUAL DAMNMIT.” I’m not easy who’s this woman anyway talking to me like I’m a slut or something I’m experienced. Finishing my whiskey makes me remember who I am
“Wait why the fuck do I care, women love being in my bed so why does it matter how many have enjoyed being in there.”
“You tell her bro” I hear more laughter erupt from one of my brothers “well if all your going to do is drown in your sorrows for the night I’m heading out got shit to do.”
“Yeah me to man, I hope you figure your shit out soon though we have family game night next Friday and you know if mom see’s you like this she’ll chop your head off.”
“I thought I was out of those since ma said she didn’t like my life choices” Ugh game night use to be one of my favorite nights of the month back when I had her, since moms had three sons bringing a another woman in seemed to brighten her up. Plus they stole all the money from cheating at spades evil women.
“Nah man she wants to see you dip shit you’re her son” My bother turns to leave and I hear him mumble something that sounds like fucking dumbass but I let it go.
“So you’re both leaving me in my time of need really?”
“come on man you did this to yourself either fix it or move the fuck on but this” he jesters at me from head to toe then all around “is not the right answer” knowing he’s right I sigh and turn. My brothers shake their heads as they leave me, my barkeep brings me a water and some fries I didn’t order.
“You know if I wanted fries I’d have gone to a drive thru and they’d taste better”
“If I wanted to hear you whine for hours I would have gotten a MFT and I would have been paid more. Now eat the fries and drink the damn water”
“I always knew I’d have a nemesis but I never knew she’d be as hot as you are”
“I’m the best nemesis of them all now be a fucking man and get your shit together bar closes in an hour and I’d appreciate it if you were sober enough to fucking leave soon” Yeah I need to go get my head on straight I’ve been on this bar stool for six hours pathetic. After the hour the lovely bar keep gave me I was more determined then ever to get my girl back screw a plan, I got her by being myself so that’s how I’m going to get her back.